Alexandra Range roadworks will commence Monday 11 February – expect delays up to one hour

Roadworks on the Alexandra Range will now commence Monday 11 February. Crews are expected to be on site from 9am. The delay in starting is due to supplies from Brisbane being held up. As previously advised, there could be traffic delays of up to one hour. Traffic managers will be on site to monitor traffic and work with engineers to minimise delays. 

We understand the need to be more specific in terms of a works schedule, but until the driller starts it is impossible to know what issues may arise. Traffic may be able to continue during drilling, but, the driller may find areas of instability and the vibrations will be significant.  Safety has to come first and if the driller needs to close the road at certain points of drilling, the road will have to be closed and we don’t know when that will occur.  Once the contractors have been on site for a few days we will know more, and it may be possible to advise or arrange times where delays may be shorter but until that time, we must work with the best information available.

For more information, contact Douglas Shire Council on 40 999 444.