Community education initiative: Be Rain Ready

Hello community,

Here is a message from SunWater and Be Rain Ready:


Good afternoon,

I am writing to introduce you to the Be Rain Ready community education initiative that has been launched across regional Queensland this week. The initiative will specifically focus on preparing and educating communities on the risks of flooding associated with extreme weather events.

Through the Be Rain Ready campaign, communities living within flood-prone regions, natural water catchment areas and downstream of dams are being addressed via a series of entertaining, educational messages and resources. 

SunWater is supporting this initiative to proactively work with communities to help build their resilience, understand their own flood risk, and to educate communities about dams — how they work, their water supply role within communities, and the implications of relying on them for flood mitigation.

The initiative utilises Facebook, YouTube and a dedicated website to deliver its messages and act as a way finding mechanism for existing, trusted third-party tools and information. These online channels are also supported by television commercials across regional Queensland and online advertising.

The Be Rain Ready initiative uses humour, animations and an engaging, likeable character ‘Eddie’ in its execution. Through a series of videos, Eddie will distil technical, sometimes complex information on floods, water catchments and dams into a format that is easily consumed and understood by everyone.

I am contacting you as we believe the Be Rain Ready initiative and its messages are relevant for your community this (and any) summer. There are a range of posters and fact sheets which you are free to use within your own community/organisation, and we would welcome any support you can offer by way of sharing the online content. 

You can join and follow the initiative via the following channels:




If you have any questions or would like any further information on the Be Rain Ready initiative, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,

Rachel Blythe

On behalf of SunWater and Be Rain Ready